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5 Traveling myths busted!

All travel has its own risks and perks, lets's unravel 5 travel myths!

1. Dress up and get upgraded seats

Back in the day, this was actually a good way to upgrade, however with the introduction of AI and technology, Dressing up and looking amazing isn't going to cut it anymore.

Instead, you'll need to make sure you have your points, travel regularly with the flight, and select your seat early - not before you board and then you may even have to pay a small fee for upgrading!

Airlines now look at how often your spend, and if you are valued enough based on data - then you may be lucky! Business class and first class cost money to offer passengers the perks; so let's be honest, you too would be selective in who you gave this luxury to, and looks aren't the strategy!

2 . Hostels are the ONLY cheapest accommodation

Are you serious? hostels are no longer the cheapest accommodation, IN FACT, whilst traveling Asia, we researched several types of accommodation and found hotels cheaper than hostels! YES, that's RIGHT...CHEAPER!

Out of all the booking apps, AGODA was consistently cheaper than other platforms and had a great selection on offer!

That's why we became an AGODA affiliate as I highly recommend them

Here's the link to book any hotels in the future > CLICK HERE

3. Everyone will speak English

English is very common in most countries, BUT not everywhere! the more remote/regional you go, the less you will find the locals will speak English, let alone understand it!

You will need to establish the basic words to get by in some countries, eg. in South America you will need to learn the Latin language, not Spanish ( it is different)

I recommend you download a translation app (although it doesn't always translate properly, you can get it by using this) and Google basics like 'Hello, thank you, goodbye, please, how much is it? where is...' etc. this will not only give you a cultural experience, but likability with the locals for trying!

4. Travelling is easy

If traveling was easy EVERYONE would do it! reality is, it's not, it is hard but completely rewarding!

There are cost factors, problem-solving skills, and street smarts required. Being healthy and fit, and adaptable to change with a healthy cup of patience just to name a few!

Preparation is key for traveling, the more research you do on where you go, what you'll do, the type of traveling you're engaging in ( resort, adventure, relaxation, family), and even saving money and getting fit will give you an advantage whilst traveling making it feel easier.

5. Airports are the best exchange for money!

Exchanging money at the airport is often more expensive and would recommend only doing a small amount to get you to your hotel and meals, looking around the area for an exchange the following day when you are refreshed!

Again, it's all in the research! make sure you also read reviews if they are online, and don't be afraid to ask if they can better the rate if you did a larger sum of cash.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Some countries offer a better rate for 100 and 50 notes than smaller notes

  2. your notes must be of high quality ( no tape, rips, or markings) as they could be declined.

  3. Some countries will not take particular years of when the notes were in circulation, especially if it is the US dollar! money is a trade in most Asia countries! the better the quality the higher rate they get!

My Experience

Traveling isn't always a luxurious holiday in the Maldives, in fact, after a while, I get quite bored of doing nothing. If you are however enjoying a family holiday, honeymoon, or need to relax and unwind for a week or two, then find the best package deals that will tick the boxes but if you are talking traveling for 1-6 months you'll need to prepare and learn these travel tips to make your experience a better one then a why am I doing this?

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