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Ready to wander with purpose?

What is Wandering with Purpose?

Playing it forward IS being part of a bigger picture other than just travelling. This is wandering with a purpose. 


Each month DERIVE + SEEK

donates $1 from each t-shirt sold

to support Outback Cleanups. 

All you need to do is purchase a t-shirt.

It is all in your hands...

Outback Cleanups Logo

About Outback Cleanups

Seeing a need for energetic, non-profit work in this area, we formed Outback Cleanups 2019 to keep the outback clean of rubbish.

We’ve been consistently cleaning up Australia’s magnificent bush, beach and marine environments since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!  

Outback Cleanups Australia is a registered Not For Profit and charity organization dedicated to removing rubbish from remote coastal areas, bushlands and marine environments around Australia. Outback Cleanups Australia (O.C.A) was started in 2019 by me, Boenardi Langford, a 25-year-old carpenter from SA.

Following a work accident that left me unable to continue my trade, I have focused my time travelling around and removing rubbish from our beautiful country. I’m doing this for the planet and all who share it, especially for the next generations so they will have a future that is not saturated in plastic and unliveable.

Though I was born in northern NSW in 1995, my early years were spent growing up in Mintabie, a small outback opal mining town in the far north of South Australia. When I was around two years old, my mum brought my sister and me to live on the south coast of SA at a place called Sellicks Beach, where I developed a huge love for the ocean and its surroundings but without ever forgetting my desert roots. 

I’ve been living on the south coast for over 19 years now and have been watching the plastic tide rise as more and more people come to holiday and play on the beautiful beaches I call home.

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