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Save Fuel with these 7 tips

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Soaring fuel prices are placing concerns on whether a road trip around Australia is affordable. Prices at the bowser are out of our control so here are some tips to save money on things you can control.

1. Download fuel Apps

based on your location and price cycle of fuel NRMA states that you could save $20 per tank with their NRMA app. This also goes for other free apps available such as Fuel Spy and Fuel watch.

Don't forget to download the OTR, BP and use Flybys to receive bonus points and discounts.

TIP: Did you know that service stations in NSW are legally bound to provide live fuel prices, making it visible to make informed decisions?

2. Get your vehicle checked regularly

My partner Ash is big on this one ( being an ex-mechanic) fuel efficiency can be decreased if your car isn't kept up. Your oil degrades, filters can clog, timing belts etc. it is simple if your car is not running properly, you'll more than likely be chewing through the fuel more than usual!

3. Are your tyres at the right pressure?

5% to 7% is what you could save simply by having the right tyre pressure. Shell states that "Some of a car’s power is used just to overcome rolling resistance, a job that gets harder if your tyres are underinflated"

4. Take your time - Enjoy!

When you speed up, you use more power, they call this "aerodynamic drag" (new word of the day!) driving at 100km/h versus 110km/h can have significant savings.

And this way you take in the road trip, what is the rush?

5. Plan your trip better

Admittedly I am a believer in not having a dedicated plan whilst travelling, part of being a wanderlust! however, make better plans for when driving through cities, avoid the peak hour traffic, is their a smarter way to travel to a destination, make your trip more free-flowing keeping in mind the shortest trip is not always the most economical!

6. How much do you carry?

Have a really hard look at what you are carrying and towing. Question what do you really NEED to bring and how often you will use it?

We women (and some men) are renowned for taking more than we should, do we really need all those clothes? do we really need a caravan and a rooftop tent? maybe we don't need all those extra bed linen or towels.

24% is the average your fuel increases when you carry your maximum rated viruses a vehicle unladen.

7. Avoid road rage - Chill out!

Distraction, aggressive driving or simply not looking ahead can not only place you at risk BUT your hard-earned cash!

The smoother you drive the more you will save, Shell claims they have demonstrated how this can reduce fuel saving by a huge 27% by how they drive. So maybe it's time to have a quiet word to your nearest and dearest on how they drive...hard one to address but will save money!

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