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Western Australia - 5 Must Do's

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Your Top 5 MUST SEE destinations of Western Australia

1. Karijini

I can not rave enough about how much I LOVE Karijini!

This place has some serious places to enjoy with the whole family and could easily spend a week roaming around, hiking, swimming, exploring.

These are the must-see at Karijini:

  1. Hamersley Gorge

  2. Kermits Pool via Dales gorge

  3. Joffre Falls

  4. Knox lookout

  5. Weano

TIP: Around Karijini National Park are a bunch of amazing free campsites. make sure to utilise these too

2. Horizontal Falls

If you are ticking off your bucket list in Australia, Horizontal falls is a MUST! This place you need to see for yourselves. The turquoise blue waters are exquisite. There are several tours that run there and would highly recommend you pick the 24-hour tour that runs from Derby ( NOT BROOME) this was packed with value.

  1. Helicopter for 15-20 minutes or air time

  2. Swim with the nurse sharks

  3. several trips through Horizontal Falls on the smaller (more fun) speed boat

  4. Fishing

  5. Sleep on a houseboat

  6. Food is all taken care of

  7. Seaplane adventure to and from!

TIP: make sure to bring a towel with you and a change of clothes. Don't forget your sunscreen!

3. Cape Range National Park - Ningaloo Reef

When you think of snorkelling - often we think Great Barrier Reef. Cape Range is enriched with sealife; big and small including whale season if you visit at the right time!

This place has so many campsites up and down the range, right on the water edge.

TIP: Book your campsite in advance, these go quickly, averaging at only $11 per night! so super cheap. In the town of Exmouth, you can either purchase or hire snorkel gear.

4. Cape LeGrand - Lucky bay

Squeaky silicon sand that's as white as snow, meeting the bluest and clear waters of South-Western Australia. This place is AMAZING!

If you are a family travelling - Kids will love it here!

There are Kangaroos that will hop on by, and lizards that hang out whilst you chill out at the campsite. the amenities at Lucky Bay are like a RESORT! floor to ceiling tiles, heavy doors, and just stylish!

TIP: Check your weather - the bottom of Western Australia is always bound to get rain, so keep in mind that you may get a couple of nice days and then a couple maybe a little drizzly!

Another is the fantastic sightseeing around Lucky Bay - Hellfire bay is wonderful and if you are a hiker, there medium to intermediate hike to hellfire bay ( this will take a full day to enjoy without rushing)

5. El Questro

The heart of Kimberly! Anyone doing the Gibb River Road must either end or begin here.

This place offers many different gorges to visit and can easily camp at El Questro if your in for a bit of Luxe accommodation, they also offer this!

Here are the Gorges you must visit:

  1. Emma Gorge

  2. El Questro Gorge

  3. Amalia Gorge

  4. Zebedee Springs where you can cool off with a dip

  5. Champagne Springs

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