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Karajini is Heaven on Earth!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

All the reasons why we would visit Karijini in Western Australia again and again!

Karijini is not a destination that comes to mind for first-time outback travellers and found out about this destination from researching gorges to visit in Western Australia.

What does Karijini offer, you ask?

The most unique geographical sites and surreal gorges to cast your eyes on for days.

The water, scenery, ambience and hiking are unique in comparison to other destinations such as Bells Gorge or Manning gorge along the Gibb River Road.

Here is the information brochure from Karijini National Park

Here is why we would go back again:

Map of Karijini National Park


#1: Free Camping

Free camping is available unless you wish to stay in Karijini Nationa Park and pay for accommodation. This made it super affordable to be in the area for a week, With TOM PRICE (boutique town) short outback drive for supplies.

Admittedly, we move around quickly after completing hikes however, if you want to stay and spend a few nights at Karijini use the free camps available as it is closer than driving each day to the highlighted destinations

Here is where to stay; use Wiki camp for exact locations:

  1. Alberts Lookout - East of Karijini National Park *high recommend

  2. Oppisite Hamersley Gorge on the west

  3. South of Karijini National Park - near the entrance

Now you know where to camp, you can organise which location to visit and plan around the free camps.

#2: Hancock Gorge - Kermits Pool - Weano Gorges

The famous Kermits Pool was one of the most fun and entertaining hikes that threw some challenges to get to.

Walking through icy water, holding valuables above your head, trying to avoid slipping over (Which I did several times) whilst taking photos of the layers of flat rock towering above us.

Hancock Gorge is the location to head to to get to Kermits Pool. There is some steep rock climbing and a ladder to get down and then back up.

Oxer and Junction Pool Lookouts were great to see after doing Kermits Pool and didn't take long to walk there from the main car park; there was even a car park at the location in case you didn't wish to walk

IMPORTANT: Take plenty of water, snacks, a change of gear and sunscreen. Know your limits when hiking


#3: Joffre Falls & Knox Gorge

Loved Joffre Falls! however, didn't get enough time to Knox Gorge as the weather was setting in.

The first time we stopped was to go to the lookout and returned the next day to head into the guts of Joffre Falls. Boy did

they look so different and glad we did both.

The walk/hike was medium as you do need to watch your step down the ladder and on other smaller sections getting into Joffre Falls, but if you Hancock Gorge - this one is easy! I would love to come back here when there is a fall as the Falls weren't falling when we arrived, although there was some water. Again, the water is icy cold - a hot sunny day does not mean the water is warm, it is actually the opposite!

#4: Hamersley Gorge here is a short reel on Hamersley Gorge

WOW, this one is a must even though you will drive on a dirt road. The dirt road is kept well being the main route for local businesses to transport on. the only downside is, there's a lot of dust and trucks so be careful.

If the spectacular swim amongst the most unique geological formations wasn't enough, the quick walk up to the Spa pool is remarkable. Some say it holds several minerals and vitamins healthy for the skin. The water is just impeccable.

Stay a few nights here to really indulge, relax, and take a short swim through the gorge for the adventurous hearts.

#5: Fortescue Falls & Fern Pool

A welcoming walk rewarding you with a swim at Fortescue Falls and the Fern Pool.

If you didn't wish to do the circular walk, there is a short walk directly to the falls and pool, however, you will miss out on the beautiful scenery. The only bit that proved slightly difficult was venturing down the slope at the beginning, again take your time and know your limits.

Dales Gorge itself was easy to walk and seemed like a great walk for kids. Lots to explore, see and stop along the way.

If you love posting photos on social media - you will want to visit this place!

Word of warning, with the increase of travellers exploring the outback - there were a lot of people here basking in the sun taking a prime position for the day. So be aware, you will be amongst many people during peak seasons.

Final Word...

I love Karijini and would see it time and time again. It's a unique place that offers experiences and adventures for the whole family!

As we say, Wander with Purpose!

Milli Oosting - Wanderlust from Oz.

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