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5 Darwin Tips - Mini Get away

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

So how do you plan a trip to Darwin? Do you start with accommodation? flights? perhaps what experiences are offered there? you ever think about the weather?

A common mistake to make is to think that Darwin is a red dust bowl. Like the picture above, the city and surroundings are lush and green. Full of vibrancy with endless birds and wildlife. If you recently followed our trip via Instagram or Facebook - you would have seen our mini getaway here at the beginning of April, so make sure to check it out; and a great opportunity to test-run our t-shirts in humidity - happy to say it was a success!

So here are my 5 top tips for a getaway in Darwin:

Tip #1 - Day trip to Litchfield

Litchfield is closer than Kakadu being only 1.5 hours in on a sealed road (Kakadu is a minimum 3 hours just to get to the front door) perfect for the family, and once there, depending on the season, you have got a few places to swim and spend an entire day roaming around. So bring your lunch, snacks, bathers and tonnes of sunscreen.

  1. Wangi Falls

  2. Florence Falls

  3. Tolmer Falls

  4. Buley Rockholes

Buley Rockholes is a famous spot for the locals to chill out over a hard week at work and get away from the humidity. A lot of people take their beverages to enjoy BUT take your rubbish with is a National Park!

Tip #2 - Waterfront In Darwin CBD

Loved this attraction, right in the middle of the CBD on the waterfront, you have a completely safe swimming spot, with chairs spread out over the lawn for your to soak in the sun after a dip...oh, did I mention it is FREE! The palms and other trees provide a shaded canopy whilst the sun beams down. This is another great place for the whole family or anyone!

Surrounding the waterfront lagoon is a range of eateries, cocktails, and coffees you name it!

So if you don't happen to have a pool at your accommodation, head here!

Next to the Adina/Vibe hotel, there is a parking facility, you get 2 hours free. pretty much everywhere else in Darwin, you require to pay for parking between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. The actual machines to pay for your parking only accept coins or you require to download an app called "PAYSTAY"

Tip #3 - Book Accommodation on the type of holiday

Darwin is no doubt fairly expensive at the moment, depending on what type of accommodation you are after. If you are an outdoorsy vs city lover, why pay for a room that you are not going to spend time in? If you're doing a tour to Litchfield or Kakadu all you'll want is to come back to a nice shower with an air-conditioned room, comfy bed and pillows to sleep in.

QANTAS is currently offering 30% of point usage.

However, for a luxe holiday, you can live it up at the Mindel Casino Resort or a few other beautiful hotels that have a pool, restaurants, room service and offers tours from the accommodation.

When booking accommodation, review several sites and don't forget to use your QANTAS points on booking accommodation - it's not just for flights! On our recent trip, we used these points to receive 5 nights free at the Argus Hotel. QANTAS is currently offering 30% of point usage. meaning you use fewer points than usual! This saved a HUGE chunk of the holiday bill and even received a free basic continental breakfast each morning!

Additional Tip: The Casino has an infinity pool that is GORGEOUS! you can pay $30 to utilise the pool, and grab some cocktails and food too! - we must have got lucky as we didn't have to pay anything on the Sunday in which they also had some chilled out beats watching the sunset in the pool itself!

Tip #4 - The restaurants - So many

Darwin is a hub for amazing produce from land, sea and earth! We do like our curries so always head to Hanumans. For $148 we received 3 cocktails, (the Apple martini was delightful) Chefs tasting plate of entrees, 2 x mains ( Jungle Curry and Butter Chicken) with steamed rice on the side.

  • Amazing Thailand had some cheap eats, and bustling with locals.

  • Hot Tamals - at the waterfront was amazing for fairly cheap eating offering Mexican food

  • Oyster bar offers happy hours and fresh oysters!

  • Parap Markets on weekends for your Asian inspired food cooked fresh

  • The Sailing Club - Amazing seafood platter, and drink selection including cocktails! and the BEST location to watch a sunset!

  • The Trailer Boat Club - Right next door to the sailing club - Amazing barramundi burger!

Tip #5 - Hire your own Car

Sure, you can jump on tours and they'll drive you to where you need to go but getting a car to discover Darwin and its surrounds at your own pleasure is so appealing!

Heading to the markets at your leisure, no time limit when swimming in the rockpools at Litchfield with a tour guide saying "Time to leave we need to get to the next spot"

Car rentals can be found in town but mostly at the airport. We used enterprise as selected the mystery option - guess what... we got a BRAND NEW CAR! only 82 Km into its new life.

for 6 days, we only paid $341 = $56 a day .

If car hire isn't your thing to get around, in the CBD they offer scooters to rent and bikes. They are everywhere, but be aware it does add up a fair bit when you start to use them.

UBER is also available too.

Will you plan a Trip?

Keep in mind the weather when planning your trip, Check the national Parks to see what is in Fact open, each season the ranges require checking the waters and giving the all-clear from Crocs after the wet season. The best time to head would be the End of April, as most things are open at this point.

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